Dan Wesson DWX Compact – Full-Size Features in a Concealable Size

Our Dan Wesson DWX pistol combines the best features of the iconic CZ 75 with the famous Dan Wesson 1911. We took the crisp single-action fire control group from our Dan Wesson 1911 and paired it with the ergonomics and capacity of a CZ 75 pistol. The Dan Wesson DWX sports a modern design while retaining many classic elements of both handguns. And the best part is that the DWX shoots as good as it looks! 

We believe the DWX is an outstanding all-around choice for recreational shooting and competitive action pistol sports like IPSC, USPSA, and Steel Challenge. We are not alone in this sentiment! Shooters fell in love with the DWX pistol, a top performer on the range. However, discerning Dan Wesson shooters wanted a more concealable DWX pistol for everyday carry with all the features and performance of their full-size handgun. The new 9mm Dan Wesson DWX Compact fits that need perfectly! 

DWX Compact Features    

The DWX Compact incorporates the same premium features as the full-sized DWX but in a smaller, lighter, more concealable package. Compared to the DWX, the Compact’s lightweight aluminum frame and shorter 4-inch barrel shaves 14.2 ounces off the full-sized model tipping the scales at a mere 30.8 ounces. An overall length of just 7.5 inches makes the DWX Compact easily concealable! 

We believe a personal defense weapon must be easy to shoot, use commonly available ammo, and have plenty of firepower. The DWX Compact chambered in 9 mm checks all these boxes. Our engineers selected the 9mm caliber for its effectiveness as a defense cartridge and because quality ammunition is commonly available. 


A flat, K-style trigger with a textured face offers positive contact—a familiar single-action feel to 1911 shooters—while its grip angle and contour draw their lineage directly to the proven CZ 75 known for its comfort and control. A red anodized trigger adds a splash of color against the matte black finish of the pistol. If red isn’t your thing the trigger can be swapped out for different colors, shapes, and lengths.

Grips and Checkering 

The DWX Compact utilizes the Ned Christiansen style frag pattern ‘checkering’ on the front, backstrap, and Henning aluminum grips for a comfortable shooting experience that provides superb traction while adding a unique look. The grip’s low-profile design improves ergonomics by naturally positioning the shooter’s hand high in the beavertail for optimum recoil control. At the same time, its low-profile 1911-style safety delivers easy access for right- and left-handed shooters. By adding front and rear serrations on the slide, it improves grip for cocking. 

While we think the factory grips look amazing, the DWX Compact’s CZ 75 Compact grip compatibility opens a world of customization possibilities with aftermarket options if you want grips to match your style. 

Sights for Day & Night

Good sights are essential, and the DWX Compact includes some of the best for personal protection or speed shooting at the range. A tritium night front sight and fixed Henning Battlehook rear sight provide rapid target acquisition in bright sunlight and complete darkness. We designed the DWX sights for smoothly slipping in and out of a holster. The sights are both rugged and reliable, meeting the demands of a carry pistol. The DWX Compact accepts 1911-style dovetailed front sights and CZ Shadow 2 rear sights for even more customizability.


The DWX utilizes a match-grade 4-inch barrel fitted in a bushing-less barrel system. It offers shooters unparalleled accuracy and easy take-down. The barrel length allows excellent ballistic performance from the 9mm yet shortens the pistol’s overall length for CCW convenience. 

More Innovation 

A locked-breech linkless barrel system adds strength and simplicity. With the familiar CZ-style take-down via the slide stop, field maintenance is a breeze. A double-stack magazine gives 1911

shooters unprecedented firepower with its 15+1 capacity! We also added Henning aluminum base pads for increased mag-drop durability. And CZ 75 Compact magazine compatibility means purchasing extra or replacement mags is super affordable. 

Competitive shooters will appreciate the DWX Compact’s tunability and customizability with standard 1911 parts. A reversible mag release offers proper ambidextrous function. Front sights for the Novak-style dovetail and rear sights for the CZ Shadow 2-style sights fit the DWX Compact

Foremost a sidearm for personal protection must be reliable and withstand the rigors of daily handling. The DWX’s DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) shields the exterior metal surfaces from corrosion while reducing wear. Thanks to this advanced firearm finish, users can expect a long service life from the DWX Compact.  

DWX Compact – Carry with Confidence and Style 

At Dan Wesson, our commitment to quality and performance is evident in every pistol we make. The DWX Compact is no exception! It’s a modern pistol that includes the finer points of a classic 1911 in a size that’s perfect for daily carry and personal defense. Performance features and modern styling make the DWX Compact a top choice. Like every Dan Wesson, the DWX Compact is fit and finished with attention to detail, like any form of true craftsmanship, quality matters, craftsmen of any trade understand the core concepts. Such as the quality of materials, the power of customization, and blending tradition with innovation; these are ideas that Dan Wesson knows well and executes with excellence. Dan Wesson has thrived because it has remained committed to quality over quantity. It has retained the essence of what the brand has stood for since its conception: American craftsmanship.