Target Sport Pistols: TS 2 Vs. TS 2 Orange! What are the Differences?

Tight manufacturing tolerances, supreme accuracy, and enhanced ergonomics define the CZ TS 2 series of tactical sport pistols. Both the TS 2 and TS 2 Orange boast performance-driven features, making either a solid choice for practical shooting disciplines like IPSC, USPSA, 3-Gun, or Steel Challenge. 

However, picking between these proven pistols is difficult until you understand the differences. Because except for color, the two race guns look surprisingly similar from the outside. So here is a head-to-head comparison to help inform your buying decisions.

TS 2 Features

First, let’s talk about their similarities. The CZ TS 2 and TS 2 Orange are steel-framed single-action-only pistols and share many competition-ready design features. Both versions are available in 9mm or .40 S&W. Choose the caliber you shoot best; and one that delivers the major or minor power factor required for the division.

All TS 2 second-generation pistols include functional and aesthetic updates, including a flared aluminum magwell for faster reloads and colored aluminum grips with deep checkering for a splash of color and, more importantly, improved hold. A deeper undercut on the beavertail moves your hand closer to the bore axis, and along with a lower profile slide, you’ll experience less muzzle flip and faster follow-up shots.

We focused on performance which is evident throughout its design. A 5.2-inch barrel improves ballistics while giving it a longer sight radius for improved accuracy. Front and rear cocking serrations on the slide make racking these pistols easy. A crisp single-action trigger provides a consistent trigger break, and a competition hammer reduces lock time. 


The base model TS 2 has a fiber-optic front sight and fixed rear sight built to withstand rough competition use. In contrast, the TS 2 Orange features an adjustable rear sight for quick POI adjustments and a similar fiber-optic front sight for rapid target acquisition.  

CZ reserves the color orange for its customized high-performance sport pistols. So true to its color, the TS 2 Orange includes the base model TS 2 match features plus custom upgrades for improved performance. The most notable “Orange” enhancement is its “bull” barrel. A heavier barrel profile offers several advantages, including enhanced accuracy, recoil control, and longer service life. 

Orange models also include extra cocking serrations on the top front edge of the slide for easy cocking. Like the CZ Shadow 2, the TS 2 Orange has a screw attachment system for the front sight for quick sight removal. A hand-fit barrel, slide, and frame ensure the tightest tolerances while maintaining reliability. 

The CZ TS 2 Orange uses a modified thumb rest and higher-positioned ambidextrous manual safeties. CZ shortened the height of the magazine release button, improving grip comfort while maintaining lightning-fast reloading speeds.

Which TS 2 Pistol is Right for You? 

TS 2

The base model TS 2 is the perfect pistol if you’re a recreational shooter or getting started in tactical sport shooting competition. It is more than capable of the accuracy and reliability needed to win matches.   

TS 2 Orange

CZ reserves the color orange for its customized high-performance sport pistols. So true to its color, the TS 2 Orange includes the match-ready features of the base model TS 2 plus custom upgrades for improved performance. It was optimized for IPSC standard division and USPSA limited division competitions and is also a worthy pistol in other shooting disciplines.

Other upgrades include a hand-fit barrel, slide, and frame giving the TS 2 Orange the feel and function of a custom handgun right out of the box. A CZ Shadow 2-style front sight attachment system provides quick and easy sight removal and replacement. Extra serrations on the top front edge of the slide ensure more comfortable cocking, a higher-positioned ambidextrous safety doubles as a thumb rest, and a reduced height magazine release button for smoother holstering. Plus, a modified recoil spring guide for simple disassembly. And the list goes on!  

If you’re excelling in the action pistol sports and are looking for an “orange” advantage, the TS 2 Orange gives you a competitive edge. It’s the best choice for performance-driven competitors. 

Parting Shots

If you’ve narrowed your selection down to the CZ TS 2 vs. CZ TS 2 Orange, congratulations! Both single-action pistols are excellent choices for competition. Shoot with confidence with a pistol used by Team CZ-USA’s shooters!

The TS 2 enjoys many Gen 2 upgrades and is a worthy competitor in any tactical shooting sport. The TS 2 Orange adds performance and ergonomic upgrades beyond the base model. It’s in a class of its own. From its bull barrel and hand-fit parts to its adjustable sights and ease of maintenance, the TS 2 Orange is the pistol for the next-level competition shooter.

Good luck!