Two Triggers in One: The CZ Single Set Trigger

While the name might throw some folks off, the CZ Single Set Trigger (SST) system gives the hunter or recreational shooter two trigger pull options: a standard hunting trigger and a much lighter, target-style trigger.

Yes — two trigger options within the same rifle and both are fully adjustable! The CZ SST system has been equipped on the CZ 453, 527 and 550 model rifles and engages by merely pushing the trigger blade forward. With a tactile and barely audible click, the trigger is then ‘set’ and has a much lighter pull weight.

Why would a shooter need two trigger pulls?

Every hunting and shooting situation is different, with varying amounts of time and support available. For longer shots with a steady rest, a shooter can quickly and easily engage the set trigger function for pin-point precision. For shorter, quicker and unsupported shooting, the standard trigger pull allows the shooter to make a deliberate decision to break the shot.

Take dangerous game hunting, for example. A hunter is pursuing Cape buffalo and stalks into range. Resting on their professional hunter’s shooting sticks, they choose to engage the set trigger to aid them in putting the bullet exactly where they want it. The animal goes down and the hunters follow up with the standard hunting trigger back in play, requiring a deliberate yet crisp pull to fire – which adds significantly to overall safety compared to a hair-trigger without this dual function.

A lighter trigger can also be a real asset on longer-distance shots when even the tiniest shift or vibration can alter a bullet’s point of impact by many inches or more. With many varmint-barreled rifles in the CZ 527 line, both paper-punchers and varminters alike will appreciate the superb target trigger at their disposal.

The ease of ‘setting’ an SST is one of its greatest strengths. Once the rifle is loaded, the shooter slides their finger behind the trigger and gently pushes forward until they hear and feel a “click.” This engages the crisp and light target trigger mode.

Though it plays second fiddle to the set function, the standard trigger is no slouch either. Both the standard trigger and the set trigger are fully adjustable and able to be set to the shooter’s preference.

With a few simple tools, shooters can adjust the standard trigger pull weight, trigger creep and over-travel as well as the pull weight on the set trigger option. 

To see just how easy these adjustments are to make, head over to this guide on setting the SST:

The SST system provides the hunter or recreational shooter freedom to choose the trigger they need, quickly and easily in the field. Find this versatile system on the current line of CZ 527 rifles.