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How to Lubricate a CZ Over/Under Shotgun

When it comes to shotgun maintenance most people think about semi-autos and how they require more cleaning and lubrication, however, break-action shotguns, meaning Side by Sides and Over and Unders are no different.  Owners should regularly apply lubricant to key locations, especially after cleaning, to keep the gun functioning as it was designed.  A common […]

Get Fit!

UNDERSTANDING SHOTGUN STOCKS AND WHY THEY’RE SHAPED THE WAY THEY ARE.   There are many factors involved in shooting a shotgun accurately, but one of the most important and least understood is gun fit. Most manufacturers offer a standard stock dimension, something that fits the average shooter. Since shooters don’t have an opportunity to choose […]

Two Triggers in One: The CZ Single Set Trigger

While the name might throw some folks off, the CZ Single Set Trigger (SST) system gives the hunter or recreational shooter two trigger pull options: a standard hunting trigger and a much lighter, target-style trigger. Yes — two trigger options within the same rifle and both are fully adjustable! The CZ SST system has been […]