How to Lubricate a CZ Over/Under Shotgun

When it comes to shotgun maintenance most people think about semi-autos and how they require more cleaning and lubrication, however, break-action shotguns, meaning Side by Sides and Over and Unders are no different. 

Owners should regularly apply lubricant to key locations, especially after cleaning, to keep the gun functioning as it was designed. 

A common misconception is that a break-action doesn’t need to be lubed as often because it doesn’t have that many moving parts- which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Purpose of Gun Lubricant, gun grease, gun oil, or lubricant spray, allows metal gun parts to interact with each other more smoothly and with less friction, allowing the mechanism to function as it was intended. It also protects metal surfaces from corrosion—and rust is the enemy of all firearms. A corrosion-resistant surface coating, like Cerakote, is excellent at protecting the exterior of a firearm. Still, not all interior parts can be coated in such finishes, and if it’s made of steel, it can corrode. Even if a bare metal component is jeweled, it still needs lubricant to protect it against corrosion. So, factory-recommended lubrication points are based on both keeping the mechanism moving smoothly and protecting its parts. 

How to Lube an Over/Under Shotgun 

CZ recommends lubricant be applied liberally to the hinge pins, or trunnion pins, on both sides, as well as the ejector cam and the surface of the monoblock. It’s also important to apply lubricant to the bearing surface of the forend metal because it rides against the metal of the receiver when the action is opened and closed. Once the gun is assembled, you will see excess lube squirt between parts, which is normal. Simply wipe away the excess with a rag. 

Recommendations for Storage 

It’s always a good idea to make sure your gun is well lubed before putting it away for storage. That way, it remains protected and ready to be used when you are ready to use it. If storing your shotgun disassembled in a takedown case, there is one extra step you should be mindful of that will contribute to the overall life of your shotgun. When a CZ over/under is disassembled, you will notice that the top lever latch is locked to the right. Use your finger to trip a detent on the bottom of the interior of the receiver, allowing the locking lug to move forward, the latch to move back to the center and the spring to be relaxed instead of being compressed. This is the correct way to store or transport the shotgun disassembled. When reassembling, simply move the latch back to the right to retract the locking lug and assemble as normal. This will all serve to make your gun last longer and function better. For more information, check out