Hunting with CZ | A Father and Son Turkey Hunt

Early dawn slips through the pine trees of the Idaho wilderness as fourteen-year-old Jack, and his father check their gear and ready themselves for a long day of hiking and hunting. Jack has been hunting these woods for four years, but the challenge of hunting today’s tom makes it feel brand new.

With a crisp wind at their faces and the season’s last patches of snow, father and son traverse miles of hiking. They are listening, watching, and waiting for the signs of game. They have deployed the turkey calls, they came prepared and invigorated. All there is to do now is wait for the moment when the tom responds, revealing himself.

But bagging the bird is only a part of the thrill for Jack’s father. “It’s shutting the pickup door, loading up, hiking, setting up,” he says. “And the best part now as a dad is just doing that with your family.”

The older birds have grown wise to the tricks of the hunter—but the younger ones are still naïve enough to fall for Jack’s gobble. By the end of the day, Jack gets his tom, with the help of a CZ 612 Magnum Turkey. As the pair load up to make the trek back home, the sun comes out to warm the pine trees, and the adventure has made the day a success.

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