Extracting the full potential of rimfire rifles

CZ has a long and successful tradition of producing extremely high quality, reliable and accurate rimfire rifles. In fact, the roots of its rimfire rifle production activities go all the way back to 1945, with the introduction of the Brno Model 1. The Brno Model 1, which later expanded to models 2, 3, 4 and 5, was praised around the world for its impressive design and construction, as well as enviable accuracy. Enjoying well-earned success for many years, these models, along with the many rimfire models that followed, helped boost CZ to its current status of a world-class designer and manufacturer of rimfire rifles.


CZ 457 – The latest generation of modern rimfire rifles from CZ

Since the initial introduction of its first rimfire model more than 75 years ago, CZ never slowed down with its research and development activities. Day after day, and year after year, CZ continued to improve and refine the design, construction, operation, ergonomics and many other details of its rimfire rifles. In 2019, CZ introduced its newest rimfire rifle series – the CZ 457.

The leading features found in this series are a reflection of all CZ has learned over the years from not only a manufacturing, operational and ergonomic point of view, but also from consistently integrating user feedback to fuel their ongoing research and development activities.

Add to this the world-class CZ manufacturing process, which utilizes some of the world‘s most advanced manufacturing equipment and processes that include hundreds of inspections and the use lasers that measure tolerances to a hundredth of a millimeter.

CZ 457 Stainless

Advanced features that set the CZ 457 series apart

The standout components and features that come on the CZ 457 series show how far modern CZ rimfire rifles have come since the introduction of the Brno Model 1. Let’s take a more in-depth look at each of them to get a full view of what makes this series so well-respected in the industry.


Highly accurate, modular barrels

All barrels that come on CZ 457 series rifles are cold hammer forged, which is the most demanding and expensive method of creating barrels. But it sure is worth all the effort, as this process ensures extreme precision that delivers outstanding accuracy, not to mention extending its service life.

To go along with its high-quality barrel is a modular system that comes on all CZ 457 models, which allows you to quickly and easily replace the barrel and even change the caliber. As you move on to different game, varmints or targets, your CZ 457 can adapt on the fly. New barrels are available as CZ mini-sets, which can be purchased directly from CZ, or you can utilize barrels from the previous CZ 455 series that fit right in.


Ergonomics that just feel right

When you pick up the CZ 457, you can feel it right away. It just fits. This is due to an impressive ergonomic design, with a range of stock designs, sizes and materials, as well as the placement and operation of its controls. All working together to promote comfort and convenience for many types of shooters and shooting activities.

Refined operation for effortless shooting

But what good are its outstanding ergonomic features if it shoots like a dog? No worries there, as operation is smooth as butter. Its bolt has a reduced rotation of 60 degrees for fast and fluent reloading, even if you have a big old honker of a scope mounted on the receiver! No more problems with the bolt crashing into your optics and knocking everything out of alignment. And taking the bolt out for cleaning is also a breeze, as it can be extracted without having to manipulate the trigger. Just press the bolt removal button and it slides right out. You can even remove it with the safety engaged! No more excuses for not keeping your bolt squeaky clean!

The trigger is another crucial component for the smooth and confident operation of your rifle, with different trigger pull weights and travel lengths required for different types of shooting activities. CZ therefore dropped in a finely tuned trigger mechanism that allows you to quickly and easily adjust these two parameters with the turn of a screw. Pull is set to a healthy 12 N at the factory, but it takes you no time at all to adjust it yourself to between 8 – 15 N. Travel can also be set from 0.5 – 5 mm. Fine tune that trigger until your heart’s content!


Taking aim at accuracy and stability

So, we have ergonomics and smooth operation covered, but what about accuracy and stability? CZ has come through once again in this respect with a new bedding that tightens the screws in the stock with each and every shot. This feature fights against expansion of the wood as temperatures fluctuate, preventing the dreaded time waster of having to sight in your rifle again and again as seasons and temperatures change. Say hello to long-term accuracy!

A further step CZ designers took in the accuracy department was to reduce the weight of the striker by 38% compared to the previous model. This weight reduction increases speed and limits vibration when you take those all-important shots at game, varmints and targets. Implementation of this new design has also contributed to the striker being more resistant to damage that could be encountered during dry training. Who would have thought you could gain so many advantages by putting that striker on a diet!

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And for those of you that need to take high accuracy to the limit, a MATCH chamber that nudges up as close as possible with CIP tolerance is available on selected 22 LR caliber models, namely the CZ 457 AT-ONE, CZ 457 MTR, CZ 457 MDT and CZ 457 LRP BLACK. Accuracy of 1 MOA? You better believe it. Competition-ready? Yep, and then some.


The sound of silence

As we all know, silence is key when hunting game. CZ therefore designed the push-to-fire safety to not only allow for natural and intuitive operation, but also to be completely silent. A big plus when you’re on the big hunt! Just pull it back to engage the safety and push it forward to shoot.

Further safety features are a striker status indicator that allows you to check visually or by touch if its cocked or not, as well as a feature that allows you to open the bolt to check the status of the chamber, even when the safety is engaged.

Safety on steroids? You bet!


Models for shooting varmints to targets, and everything in-between

When CZ created the CZ 457 range, it wanted to satisfy a wide range of shooters and shooting activities. They achieved this goal in spades with large selection of models that satisfy the needs of novice to advanced shooters and hunters to sport shooters. Let’s now take a look at the extensive range of models in the series. There’s sure to be one that’s just right for you.


Formula 1 technologies in the firearms industry? CZ says yes!

Carbon fiber parts are known to be extremely light yet very strong. They are used mainly in the most advanced types of industry so you find the carbon fiber parts on planes, racing cars including Formula 1, spaceships, and now also CZ firearms. 

CZ 457 CARBON is the most advanced rimfire rifle out there without a doubt. A special model equipped with a Varmint-style carbon fiber wrapped steel barrel weighs only 2,15 kg. This is 350g less than the ordinary CZ 457 Synthetic which uses a thin profile barrel. And on top of that, you get a MATCH chamber increasing the accuracy of the CARBON model pretty much on the same level as target models like CZ 457 LRP or MTR. Do you need one now?


Brothers in arms

Having a bigger brother always makes things easier. The same applies in the case of training with bolt action rifles. Our CZ 600 RANGE model is a great target/hunting rifle but the cost of .308 Winchester or 6mm Creedmoor round may be a bit unpleasant. But no worries, we got your back. CZ 457 RANGE is the new little brother of the CZ 600 RANGE model allowing you to train with very similar stock contours but using a much cheaper .22 LR ammo instead. But not only that of course. CZ 457 RANGE is also an ideal choice for static and dynamic target shooting, as well as for hunting small game and varmints. MATCH chamber, Varmint-style barrel, adjustable cheek rest, target-style grip, all that will make your shot land exactly where you need it.

A unique design for shooters that prefer something a little special


It takes just one look at the CZ 457 AT-ONE to see that it’s a unique rimfire rifle. Coming straight from the CZ-USA range, it features a 20” heavy profile varmint barrel and is chambered for 22 LR. A standout feature is its laminated wood stock from the well-known American brand BOYDS, which features a height adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable butt pad and QD sockets on each side of the stock. It’s a rifle that allows for advanced tailoring to your exact preferences.


For those who like a premium touch on the trail


Just because the outdoors are dirty, sticky and rough around the edges, doesn’t mean that your firearm can’t have some elegance and polish.

Enter the CZ 457 STAINLESS, a 22 LR caliber rifle with a beautiful 20”, light profile stainless steel barrel and polymer stock with digital camouflage pattern and soft-touch finish. Both add up to a super durable and fully weather-resistant firearm. A premium rifle that fits right in with its surroundings.

Next up, we have a rimfire rifle with a little blue blood flowing through its veins – the CZ 457 ROYAL. Its oil-finished stock is made from high-quality walnut, which is not only elegant but also silky smooth. The beauty of the wood is further highlighted with a decorative forend tip. This model comes with either a 16” barrel (17 HMR, 22 LR) or 20” barrel (17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR) and represents the roots of what made rimfire rifles so popular in the first place.


And lastly, we have a rimfire rifle that truly lives up to its name – the CZ 457 PREMIUM. This rifle has “class” written all over it and comes in the classic shape that hunters appreciate. Everything is premium on this firearm, from its elegant walnut stock with cheekpiece and decorative forend, to its longer 24” (17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR), light profile barrel with threaded muzzle. With a tangent rear sight and fiber optic front sight, aiming is also a premium experience – quick and intuitive. And for you lefties out there, we’re happy to say that there’s a left-hand version of this outstanding rifle for you, too.

CZ 457 Premium

Laughing in the face of adverse weather


We’ve all experienced it. Rain, sleet, snow and other nastiness that Mother Nature seems to enjoy throwing at hunters and outdoorsmen during their favorite past time. Well, Mother Nature has met her match with CZ’s synthetic “weather tamers”.

First off, we have the CZ 457 SYNTHETIC. A rimfire rifle designed to combat the ugliest weather with a shrug and a smile. It comes with a 16” barrel (22 LR) or 20” barrel (17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 HMR) and features a highly ergonomic polymer stock with soft-touch finish that is not only extremely strong, but also highly resistant to moisture, cold and heat. And for further protection against the elements, all metal components come with a high-quality, anti-corrosion finish.

Then we have the CZ 457 SYNTHETIC SET, which has all of the weather beating advantages of its twin brother above, but also comes with a 3-9×42 riflescope that was developed especially for this series. Sighted in at 50 meters, it’s securely attached on a durable, two-piece duralumin mount that’s just as resistant to adverse weather as the rest of the rifle.

CZ 457 Synthetic Set

The wrath of Mother Nature? Bring it on!


Extreme Ergonomics


Ergonomics can sometimes seem like an overused term, but in the case of the CZ 457 THUMBHOLE, it’s a perfect fit! If you’ve ever held a pistol, you know how comfortable the grip feels in your hand. It’s like the pistol becomes an extension of your arm. With the laminated, gray-brown thumbhole stock on this model, you experience the same feeling – pure comfort and control – with the added benefit of a longer barrel for increased accuracy, as well as an integrated trigger guard and cheekpiece! And speaking of barrel, this model comes with either a 16” (22 LR) or 20” (17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR) heavy profile barrel with a compensator. And to carry on with its many ergonomic pluses, the stock design and controls allow for convenient operation by both right- and left-handed shooters. Ergonomics to the max!

Passing the accuracy test with flying colors


Accuracy is a standard feature on all CZ rifles, no matter what series, model or caliber. But some shooters require a little more precision in this area. That’s where the following models come in.

In financial circles, “in the black” means you’re making a profit. But in CZ circles, “in the black” means you’re consistently hitting the middle of the bullseye. And if you want a rifle that can deliver these accurate, long range shooting with 22 LR caliber cartridges, you should consider getting “in the black” with the CZ 457 LRP BLACK.

“LRP” is short for “Long Range Precision” and that’s exactly what you get with this model. It features a fluted, 20” heavy barrel profile with cylindrical compensator and comes with a target-style beech stock with soft-touch finish. A MATCH chamber helps ensure its claim of high accuracy, and an adjustable cheekpiece allows you to fine-tune how your eye lines up with the scope, which can be mounted on the picatinny mounting rail with 25 MOA inclination. With this model in hand, black is back, with a vengeance!

High accuracy “American-style” is within your reach with the CZ 457 VARMINT, which features an American-style varnished walnut stock and fluted, 20” (17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR) thick-walled barrel. It’s all you need for achieving highly accurate shots for your sport shooting activities or hunting a wide range of game at medium to long distances. And, of course, the varmints don’t have a chance when you have this model in hand. CZ didn’t forget about the left-handed shooters with this model either, which is chambered for 22 LR cartridges and comes with a fluted, 20” heavy barrel.

CZ 457 VARMINT also available for left-handers.

Now we come to a model labelled as “Match Target Rifle”. From this description, it’s clear that this rimfire rifle has been designed for high accuracy. And as its name implies, the 22 LR caliber CZ 457 MTR is equipped with a MATCH chamber and is paired with a cold hammer forged, heavy profile “match-grade” barrel, which add up to extreme accuracy you can count on. How accurate you ask? How about 15 mm groups at 50 m? Yes, that accurate. As a cherry on top, it comes with a high-quality walnut stock with oil finish. All in all, accuracy in style.

CZ 457 MTR

 And lastly, we pull back the curtain on the CZ 457 JAGUAR. The model comes with the longest barrel on offer…a full 28”! The extra length of this light profile barrel contributes to its high accuracy, along with the adjustable tangent rear sight (adjustable between 25m – 200 m) and fiber optic front sight. A match made in bullseye heaven! If you’re wondering why this model is called “Jaguar”, just look to the stock, which features a jaguar motif aggressive cool claw marks that replace standard checkering. Unlike other models in the CZ 457 series that come with a 5-round detachable magazine, the CZ 457 JAGUAR comes with an extra capacity 10-round detachable magazine. Yes, this Jaguar definitely has teeth!



American or European? The choice is yours.


For those who long for the red, white and blue of America, and its specific style of hunting rifles, CZ offers the CZ 457 AMERICAN. This model encapsulates the spirt of America with an American-style walnut stock that comes with a fleur-de-lis motif surrounded by checkering. Available for both right-handers (20” light profile barrel – 17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR) and left-handers (20” light profile barrel – 22 LR), America has never been so close and approachable to rimfire rifle enthusiasts.

CZ 457 American

 Now, if you’re more into the classic European-style hunting rifle, the CZ 457 LUX was created just for you. It comes with a high-quality Turkish walnut stock, with laser-etched checkering and cheekpiece, together with a 24” (17 HMR, 22 LR, 22 WMR) light profile barrel that features traditional iron sights. The classic comfort of Europe in your hands.

CZ 457 Lux

Taking sport shooting to the next level


If sport shooting is more to your liking, you can’t go wrong with the CZ 457 MDT. Why? Take its duralumin chassis, which comes straight from the famous MDT brand, along with a fluted barrel with MATCH chamber and compensator. Its stock features a height adjustable cheekpiece, and, wait for it, an adjustable butt pad that allows you to fine-tune LOP with the four included butt pad spacers. Not enough for you diehard sport shooters? OK, then to further ensure accuracy at longer distances, a picatinny mounting rail with 25 MOA inclination is included on top of the receiver. Taken together, this model was made for lifting your sport shooting to another level…and beyond.

CZ 457 MDT

The best start for novices


So, you’ve just started, or about to start, shooting your first rimfire rifle and are hyped to get out in the field or on the range. You need a rifle that’s within financial reach, as well as geared for entry level shooters of all ages that want to learn how to handle and operate a rimfire rifle. The CZ 457 TRAINING RIFLE was designed with you in mind. Chambered for the 22 LR cartridge, it comes with a 24” light profile barrel and beech stock with varnish finish. The stock also features a cheekpiece for comfortable aiming with the adjustable tangent rear sight and iron front sight. Although a training rifle, it’s a fully featured firearm that will make your entry into the world of rimfire shooting safe and exciting.

CZ 457 Training

A rimfire rifle series made for today’s demanding shooter


With an extremely wide range of models that feature the most advanced ergonomics, features and operation available, the CZ 457 series has put the full potential of rimfire rifles within your reach. Don’t miss your chance to experience all that it has