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ZKK 600 – CZ’s hunting bestseller

For centuries Czech gunsmiths were famous for their high-quality hunting rifles and nowadays these pieces of firearms history are often pinnacles of private as well as public collections. Generally speaking until the end of WW1 vast majority of firearms produced in the area of later Czechoslovakia was a custom work based on the precise requirements […]

CZ 83 – In the shadow of CZ 75

If you have ever been looking for a second-hand CZ handgun you must have come across a used Vz. 82 pistol or its commercial variant CZ 83. Is it any good? Let’s have a look. Back in 1975 CZ factory was given a task to create a new handgun chambered in 7,65mm Browning (aka .32 […]

CZ 2000 LADA – a Czech AK clone

If somebody told you that CZ made a very decent AK-clone in the past I bet I know your answer. „Vz. 58 is not an AK-clone, it is a completely independent design!“ And you would be right. However… Czechoslovakia had a pretty unique position among the Eastern Bloc countries in terms of firearms design. While […]

Skorpion 9×19 aka “The Evo 2”

You don’t have to be a firearms expert to know Sa vz. 61 nicknamed „Škorpion“. Its design is extremely iconic and so are the main features of this subcompact submachinegun. But there is much more to the story than you may think! Vz. 61 was designed in the late 1950s by one Miloslav Rybář and […]

CZ 100 – The CZ’s Striker Debut

For a very long time, Česká Zbrojovka has been known, among other products, for its excellent hammer-fired pistols.  Countless shooters love the CZ 75 for its awesome trigger, low recoil, and last but not least, its beautiful design. When the CZ P-10C pistol was initially introduced, many people considered it to be CZ‘s first attempt […]


We can certainly agree that CZ 75 is a pretty damn sexy pistol. So, what could be even sexier? How about CZ 75 Automatic? The only CZ 75 specifically designed with fully automatic mode.   The idea of making CZ 75 capable of fully automatic fire was born in the head of  Ivo Janeba in […]

Colt Z40 History

Have you ever been thinking how would it look like if somebody combined a good old M1911 design with a more modern and no less popular CZ 75? Of course, there is already a gun like this on the market – the amazing Dan Wesson DWX. However, what if I told you there was a […]

Czechoslovak LK vz. 30 machine gun and the beginnings of CZUB

Česká Zbrojovka or CZ for short has been a major player in the firearms industry for decades. There are several different firearms people associate with the factory located in the beautiful city of Uherský Brod. “Classic gun” fans will certainly name the CZ 75, the iconic product of the whole company. Sport shooters are most […]