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Inside Cold Hammer Forged Barrels

Inside Cold Hammer Forged Barrels High accuracy, impressive durability and a long service life. Just a few of the many well-known advantages of cold hammer forged barrels. If you’ve ever wondered what makes this type of barrel so special, and what it takes to manufacture them, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn […]

Slavia 630 Airgun Series – A Great Trainer

What was the first true gun you ever held in your hands? Do you remember? In my case, it was Slavia 631 Lux airgun and those memories will never fade away. It was the 1990s, we did not know the internet and computers were quite expensive. The pellets were not, however! Airguns may not seem […]

CZ 2075 RAMI – The First Subcompact From CZ

CZ has been known for the popular CZ 75 handguns ever since they hit the market. Up until 1992, there was no option for those who wanted to carry CZ 75-style handgun without having to cope with its full-size weight and dimensions. This all changed, somehow, with the introduction of the CZ 75 Compact series. […]


We all love them, they have a special place in our hearts, we grew up with them and in many cases, we still enjoy them at the range, no matter the age. What are we talking about? CZ 452 bolt action rimfire rifles. Or should I say ZKM rifles? Let’s shed some light on this […]

CZ 75 D Compact – CZ 75 enters the 21st Century

CZ 75 D Compact is often considered “the Holy Grail” of defensive firearms combining the super ergonomics and accuracy of the original CZ 75 with 21st-century technologies. Let’s have a look at its story a bit closer. Since the mid-1980s Czechoslovak police forces finally received an up-to-date replacement of less than ideal CZ 50 and […]

Vz. 61 Škorpion – The PDW Founding Father

PDW is one of the newer concepts in the firearms industry. It has seen considerable growth in popularity since the early 1990s. However, did you know that the history of personal defense weapons is way deeper than that? And that it is closely related to the CZ? Let’s dive right into it! History Back in […]

CZ 527 – The Famous Mini-Mauser

CZ 527 was a part of the CZ portfolio since 1990 and despite being discontinued lately it is still a very popular choice for those looking for a lightweight, accurate and reliable bolt action hunting rifle. Let’s have a look at how it all started. Even though the production of CZ 527 officially started at […]

CZ 122 – The First “Plinkster” Pistol

CZ bolt action .22 rifles are very well known for their accuracy, simplicity, and durability. But what about the handguns chambered in this popular plinking caliber? You may be surprised that the very first dedicated .22 LR pistol from CZ was only developed in the 1990s and, unfortunately, failed to catch on. Let’s have a […]

Sa vz. 58 – certainly not an AK clone

If I asked you to name the perfect example of a military rifle I am sure the answer would be either an AK -47 or AR-15. These are, no doubt, the two most iconic assault rifles ever made and they both have a large fan base. But then there are those „hipsters“ of the rifle […]