The real engine of innovation is the desire to push past boundaries, change established standards for the better, and escape the bonds that serve to limit us. CZ is a firm believer in this philosophy and this is what led to development of the new CZ BREN 3 rifle.


Out of respect for the ancestors

When BREN is spoken, the word “legend” comes to mind. It is a well-known fact that one of the most famous machine guns in the world was based on an original Czechoslovak design and manufactured under license. After all, the very name of the British legend consists of the first letters of its place of origin and the location of this timeless firearm’s subsequent production – BRno and ENfield.

This model, the ZB 26 machine gun, was the result of the unique creativity of our design school. It was such a successful concept that its more famous sibling is still in service with the British Army, and many other units around the world, since its introduction many decades ago. It continued to serve well beyond the turn of the millennium in some units, in fact, for an incredible 70 years or so. Its popularity was due to a timeless design, excellent combat qualities and impressive variability. Since all of these qualities are shared by the original BREN and the current line of select-fire rifles from CZ, we decided to build on the success of the First Republic design school and remain in line with the name.


Going our own way

For many years, a large amount of gun manufacturers has opted for a shortcut in the form of a simple modification of one of the two existing rifle platforms. However, this was never the case with CZ. We have relied on our own means many times in the past, albeit at the cost of more demanding development measures. Instead of a shortcut, we chose a more thorny, often untrodden, path. The result was, and is, original designs that in many cases not only followed, but directly set, trends in their respective categories for many decades to follow. One example is the legendary CZ 75 pistol, which truly laid the foundation for the shape of the modern semi-automatic pistol and became the second most copied pistol in the world.

For development of the CZ BREN family, we worked together with experts from the armed forces. We believe that designing a firearm to fully suit its end user, with minimal need for subsequent modifications, is an important piece of the puzzle when designing such a product.

In doing so, we avoided the compromises that have caused firearm users concern in the past. There was no longer a need to choose between reliability and accuracy. Durability is not achieved with higher weight. Comfort and ergonomics are no longer mutually exclusive with practicality.


The CZ BREN family

As the first generation of the CZ BREN family, the CZ 805 BREN offered its users a modern 21st century firearm and became the standard service rifle of the Czech Army. The experience that CZ gained during its development and production was then combined with feedback from the armed forces, including elite units. As a result, its successor, the CZ BREN 2, was created. The proof that we managed to more than successfully build on the qualities of its predecessor is not only the introduction of the CZ BREN 2, but the Czech army choosing it as their standard select-fire rifle. The qualities of this rifle are also appreciated by members of the elite French anti-terrorist unit GIGN. The CZ BREN 2 has become very popular among soldiers involved in the conflict in Ukraine as well. And that’s not all. CZ BRENs are in service in Hungary, Mexico, Ghana, Kenya, Portugal, and many other countries around the world as well. It’s easy to see that it set a high bar.

CZ BREN 2 at GIGN | @baguetteweapons



The new CZ BREN 3 improves upon the features of its predecessor with an emphasis on maximizing tactical performance. A real asset to missions. Anywhere and under any conditions.

Over a hundred different modifications have been made to the rifle, many of which may not be obvious at first glance, but all have a profound effect on its reliability, accuracy and durability. We have created a firearm that will break through established boundaries and become synonymous with today’s 21st century soldier. Lightweight, reliable, durable, accurate, comfortable, and with supreme modularity. Let’s take a closer look at the new CZ BREN.



The perfect interplay of all parts of the shooter’s body is key to maximizing the firearm’s potential. In order for such interplay to work, the ergonomics of the firearm must become one with the shooter. The CZ BREN 3 builds on its predecessor to give the shooter the maximum possible freedom in how he grips his firearm. A new feature of the CZ BREN 3 is an extended forend, which many users have requested. Of course, comfortable operation of the gas selector remains, although the tube has been modified. Extraction of gases can be adjusted by hand, according to the current need or in case of heating, e.g. by a fired cartridge case. You can choose between the standard setting, an increased take-up for shooting in difficult conditions, and a lower amount for shooting with a suppressor. The one-piece duralumin forend is attached to the rifle in several places to ensure maximum strength and durability.

One of the things we decided to keep with this new firearm is the layout of controls, which is based on the AR-15 platform. These are mainly the ambidextrous magazine release and the bolt catch/release lever. We believe that users who will be switching to the CZ BREN 3 from this platform will be able to use their existing “muscle memory” in its operation, i.e. motor skills they have acquired over time. Of course, we have improved the ergonomics of the aforementioned controls, and in the case of the bolt catch/release, there is also a lever in the front of the trigger guard that allows easy and extremely fast operation during tactical reloading.

The charging handle has undergone more significant changes. It remains stationary and in the same place as with the previous version, allowing for a wide variation of grips. The charging handle can also be used as a so-called forward assist in the event of a slide failure. Like all other controls on the rifle, it is swappable from side to side. In addition, each user can choose to have a fixed handle on one side of the firearm and a folding handle on the other side, or a folding lever can be placed on both sides of the firearm. The shooter is therefore provided with ambidextrous control, together with a reduced possibility of the handle getting caught on gear. Absolute modularity.

However, we are not only thinking of left-handed users, but also of taller users. The stock is now about 2.5 cm longer than on the previous model and offers four positions, instead of the original three. There is also an interchangeable cheekpiece for increased comfort when aiming. On top of that you can also choose a PDW telescopic stock with 4 length positions, an ideal choice for CQB.

We have also modified the attachment point of the stock, in order to make it more durable in the harsh conditions found on today’s battlefield. It is no longer necessary to remove the stock from the rifle for field stripping.

Operation of the trigger undoubtedly contributes to shooting comfort. CZ is known around the world for its excellent triggers in both short and long guns. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a service or sport firearm. Trigger pull is only 25 N, which, combined with extremely smooth travel and a short reset, allows for highly accurate and fast shooting.


Durability, Durability, Durability

Although the CZ BREN 2 has proven itself on a wide range of modern battlefields, from the scorching desert, to freezing mountain terrain, to muddy trenches reminiscent of the harsh conditions of World War I, we are constantly working on further improvements. Our goal is to offer the 21st century soldier an even more durable and reliable firearm.

The CZ BREN 3 receiver is made of tough, yet lightweight, 7075 T6 duralumin. This material is time-tested, and is even very popular in the demanding aerospace industry, where it is used to produce components for the Gripen and space shuttles, for example.

In addition, we have added steel reinforcements in selected places of the CZ BREN 3’s upper receiver, which further increases the rifle’s durability.

Advanced protection against corrosion is provided by a durable nitriding finish, which we call BoBox. In the case of duralumin components, we rely on the time-tested hard anodizing.

To make sure everything works as it should, we put the rifle through a series of rigorous tests. These tests are designed to simulate real-world combat conditions and verify proper functioning of the rifle in the most demanding conditions. We subjected the gun to deep freezing and heat, bathed it in salt water, dragged it through sand and mud, flung it through the air and fired tons of rounds, in order to thoroughly test everything. It passed all with flying colors.

Reliable and accurate

It’s not easy to create a perfect balance of reliability and accuracy. At CZ, we are always pushing the boundaries in this area. As a result, CZ BREN 3 has undergone several significant changes compared to its predecessor.

The bolt features two ejectors. Our goal was to eliminate problems related to the reliable ejection of the spent cartridge cases, especially in extremely adverse environmental conditions or when the rifle is extremely dirty.

But that’s not the only change. The bolt of the CZ BREN 3 features a newly modified anti-recoil safety, which aims to eliminate the risk of partial recoil of an already locked bolt, which every automatic firearm is prone to some extent. Its design is now simpler and more effective.

The basic principle of the CZ BREN 3 function remains unchanged. Locking is provided by a rotary bolt with six lugs, which ensure that the bolt is firmly locked in before each shot is fired. The higher number of lugs, the better the distribution of forces acting on the bolt during firing, and therefore, a longer service life.

The automatic function of the gun is taken care of by the extraction of combustion gases, which are transmitted to the bolt by a short-stroke piston. The so-called “short stroke gas piston” system is currently the most popular system for automatic long guns.

The piston is separate from the bolt assembly. This not only allows it to travel on a very short path, but also reduces the amount of mass that cycles inside the gun. The result is reduced recoil, while maintaining high functional reliability. In addition, unlike the direct gas solution, no excessive gas blows out of the ejection port and into the shooter’s face. This advantage is particularly important when using the CZ BREN 3 with a suppressor. To ensure maximum functional reliability, we have also increased the space for gas expansion.

Of course, CZ BREN 3 users can also rely on our extremely accurate and durable cold hammer forged barrels. This forging method is able to perfectly shape the bore, ensuring high accuracy and a long service life, which is further enhanced by a hard chrome-lining. The profile of the barrel is now heavier than the previous model. Thanks to these factors, users can rely on flawless high performance.

Modular rifle of the 21st century

Its modular design fits to any mission by allowing you to switch between two calibers with specially designed kits consisting of just a barrel and forend. Do you need to use the standard 5,56x45mm NATO? Sure. Any special mission ahead? What about 300 AAC Blackout? The complete exchange is gunsmith-friendly, with all internal components remaining in place. There are also plenty of barrel lengths to choose from. It’s your call!

The whole family


The start of a new era

At CZ, we believe that we have managed to break through the boundaries that have limited progress. All the above-mentioned modifications and innovations are the result of years of experience in the development of military firearms and the unique creativity of our designers.

The CZ BREN 2 is highly valued for its reliability and durability, even when subjected to the toughest combat conditions. We are proud that the CZ BREN 3 builds on the highly respected qualities of its predecessor and further improves on the foundation laid by the original BREN machine gun. The CZ BREN 3 is a timeless select-fire rifle for today’s 21st century battlefield and sets a new bar for its category.

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