CZ gives you the power to make your new gun uniquely yours

What would you say if you could choose how your new gun is assembled and accessorized, such as the frame color, trigger, sights, controls and even the color of the slide or bolt knob? You would be presented with a range of options for building and accessorizing your gun according to your own specific wants, needs and style. And since this customized gun would be completely assembled by CZ, a full warranty would certainly be in place, as well as an opportunity to make use of exclusive CZ services.  Oh, and did we mention that the accessories would be offered at a lower price than if bought separately?

Well, we have some good news for you! Presenting, the new revolutionary civilian firearm configuration tool from CZ!

World’s first to offer online customization of its firearms

CZ is proud to be the first major firearms manufacturer in the world to offer this type of gun building tool to its customers. Although the configurator is currently available only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, plans are in place to launch it in German and Poland by the end of 2020, and then roll out to other selected countries not long afterwards. In time, CZ plans to expand its pickup points to selected partner stores as well.

Intuitive and user-friendly

Use of the CZ online configurator is similar to the process of ordering a new car. You are first shown a range of CZ gun models to choose from, which have been specially selected for sport shooters, hunters and gamekeepers. The current selection of firearms is the CZ P-10 pistol with its fiber-reinforced frame, state-of-the-art CZ 457 rimfire rifle, CZ Scorpion Evo 3 semi-automatic machine gun, and the newest model to be featured on the configurator, the CZ Shadow 2. All base models have the same prices as serially produced guns.

After choosing your gun model, you are presented with an image of your gun on the page and given a long list of options, with prices, for assembling and accessorizing your ideal firearm. As you choose each option and accessory in the configurator, they appear on the image of your gun. You can actually SEE the gun as you build it! All prices are also added to the total cost of your new gun as you choose options and accessories.

The configuration options include a comprehensive range of standard and select parts, allowing you to personalize the gun to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want to pick a specific cartridge, material, barrel length, trigger mechanism, colors, controls or accessories, the choice is yours.

Customizing a CZ P-10 with the Configurator

Let’s take a quick walkthrough on building a custom CZ P-10 with the Configurator. After choosing its frame size (full-size, compact or subcompact), you can then specify the frame color – black, flat dark earth or tactical silver. The choice of a standard barrel or threaded barrel comes next, and is followed by a selection of the standard iron sights or a range of optical sights. If you choose one of the four high quality optic sight options, they will be installed at the factory and ready to use when you receive the gun!

You can then customize the controls, with the option of a standard fiber-reinforced polymer trigger or an improved duralumin trigger. Slide stop options come next, with a choice of the standard slide stop or a widened duralumin version. You are also able to specify the magazine catch – standard or extended duralumin – and even confirm if it should be on the left or right side of the P-10! Three slide covers are then offered – standard fiber-reinforced, checkered duralumin or duralumin with a special motif. At the end of your customization journey is the choice of five different magazines – standard made from fiber-reinforced polymer or duralumin, duralumin with +2 cartridges, duralumin with a tactical base and duralumin with an extended base.

As you can see, the CZ Configurator allows for the full, online customization of your new P-10 easily and quickly!

Click to save, share, download and order your new firearm

After selecting and confirming all options and accessories, you can save the configuration of your new gun, share a link of this configuration page with family and friends, and even download the final image of your new gun to a phone or computer!

When you’re ready to order, you just click the “Order” button and pay a deposit. Zbrojovka Brno, a subsidiary of CZ in the Czech Republic, will then assemble and test your gun. After passing all quality control measures, your gun will then be delivered to the pickup point specified in your order. This process takes a total of up to two weeks.

Friends and family help bring your dream to life with CZ’s “Gift Account”

An exciting feature of the Configurator is the “Gift Account”, which can be set-up by an eligible customer who is configuring the “weapon of their dreams” as a future birthday gift or for another special occasion. Friends and family can then be invited to make financial contributions to the gift account, so they can be part of making the dream weapon a reality.

It takes just one click to set-up the free Gift Account, and once it’s active, a link can be shared with family and friends so they can make online payments to the account. After one-third of the purchase price is gathered, the configured firearm can be ordered for production. The remaining balance of the purchase price must be paid either online during the production process or when the firearm is collected at the pick up point.

Quick and easy pickup

When your gun arrives at the pickup point, CZ will contact you to finalize your purchase. As this service is currently only available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, pickup points are limited to CZ stores in the Czech cities of Prague and Uhersky Brod, the assembly plant in the Czech city of Brno, and selected Slovak shops.

Before sale of your new gun can be completed, CZ employees will carry out a complete check of firearm purchase eligibility. All procedures as in a standard firearm purchase will be followed.

You have the possibility to opt for a 5-year extended warranty during your final purchase, as well as a prepaid professional service carried out at CZ stores. The annual prepaid service consists of a checklist of inspections that will be carried out by qualified CZ personnel, with any worn parts exchanged, to ensure proper and consistent maintenance of your firearm.

The weapon of your dreams is only one link away

Visit the online CZ Configurator today, which is in English, Czech and Slovak languages, to see how fun and easy it is to use! Even if it’s not currently available in your country, you can still go through the entire process of building and accessorizing your gun. And if you have any suggestions for us to improve the configurator, just let us know!

In the future, CZ plans to add more guns on the online configurator, and eventually, to offer their complete range!