What’s New in the CZ 712 G3 Shotgun?

Performance Upgrades

The CZ 712 is our tried-and-true gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun. Built on a lightweight alloy receiver, it accepts 2¾ and 3-inch shells, making it an all-arounder shotgun—an outstanding choice for upland game, waterfowl, or clays. 

The new generation CZ 712 G3 inherits the best features of the G2 and adds enhancements for an even better shooter experience and higher performance than its predecessor. 

We’ve incorporated subtle yet essential design changes to the receiver. The design creates a positive connection where the forend meets the receiver preventing any play between these two main parts. However, the most significant upgrades improve useability and performance.

Oversized Controls

The addition of an oversized bolt handle makes it easier to operate, especially with gloved hands in colder weather, while an enlarged bolt release facilitates faster reloads. The safety is bigger, too, and has been moved forward on the CZ 712 G3. Its location on the front of the trigger guard keeps it out of the way until needed. 

Designers moved the bolt lock to the right side of the shotgun, forward of the safety, in contrast to the G2’s lock located on the shell carrier. The enhanced ergonomics make operating the CZ 712 G3 intuitive! 

Custom Fit, Shim Kit 

Shotgun fit is critically important as it affects eye-to-barrel alignment. A poor fit leads to misses and frustration, but get it right, and you’ll crush targets and topple birds. The CZ 712 G3 includes a stock shim set that allows cast-on or cast-off and up or down adjustments—great news for cross-dominant shooters or anyone who wants a custom fit. The best part is that it doesn’t require a gunsmith to install the shims.   

CZ Active-Choke for Better Patterns

The CZ 712 G3 includes CZ’s new Active-Choke extended choke tubes. The extended tubes feature a longer parallel section, delivering the best patterns possible from its .735-inch diameter bore (an upgrade from the .730-inch bore in the older 712s). Extended chokes are easy to change and tighten without tools, so swapping chokes for different target presentations is a breeze. 

Two Pistons; A Wider Range of Ammo Options  

The CZ 712 G3 includes two interchangeable pistons that cycle everything from light target loads to heavy field loads. The ability to use a broader range of ammunition elevates the CZ 712 G3 to the next level of performance and versatility.   

Knowing your ammo and installing the correct piston is vital for reliable cycling. The pistons look different, so they’re easy to tell apart. For light and medium loads, use the piston with multiple fluted ribs on the body; for heavy loads, use the other piston.

Assembling Your New CZ 712 G3  

Congratulations, you’re the proud new owner of a CZ 712 G3. Before you hit the range, here’s a quick overview of assembling the barrel. 

After checking that the piston is correct for the ammo, you’re ready to assemble your shotgun. This task is simplest if you hold the stock and receiver in your dominant hand and remove the magazine cap and forend with the other hand. Remove the threaded collar on the magazine by turning it counterclockwise past two sets of threads. Take note of the small silver detent ball in the face of the collar; it faces the receiver. 

The CZ 712 G3 ships with a bright orange plastic bolt stop installed. Remove it by pulling back on the bolt handle and pushing the stop through the ejection port. 

With the bolt still partially pulled back (about an inch of gap from the bolt face to the front of the receiver ejection port), it’s time to install the barrel. Slide the barrel lug over the magazine tube, guiding the barrel extension into the receiver. It will drop into place. With the detent ball facing the receiver, thread the collar onto the magazine—past the second set of threads—until the detent ball clicks against the barrel lug. The barrel is now secure. 

The forend slides over the magazine tube; make sure to seat it into the receiver. Finally, install the mag cap to secure the entire assembly. It, too, uses a detent ball system, so hearing audible clicks tells you that the cap has contacted the forend. 

You’re all set! Hit the range confidently, knowing that the new CZ 712 G3 will perform better than ever.